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Sessions 2x month

The course includes…

Private, password protected ZOOM room on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month for 5 months with expressive arts therapist, Sherry Joy Collier, and your Color Joy guide and coach, Laura Lee.

Tote bags, daily devotions, and more depending on your payment plan.



Connect with other people for support in a private and exclusive Facebook group where Laura Lee hosts contests and giveaways. We call our members

Joy Seekers





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I want to go on a personal journey of growth, well-being, and healing, through active art making.

 Do you suffer from anxiety or depression? Have low self-esteem? Dealing with stress overload? Trouble coping with a physical illness or disability?  Struggling with the challenges of being a trauma survivor?

Engaging in the creative process and reflecting on your artwork can foster self-awareness, cultivate emotional resilience, explore aspects of your personality, reduce anxiety, enhance self-esteem, promote insight, enhance social skills, reduce and resolve conflicts, and manage stress and traumatic experiences.

There is no art experience or skill necessary, but if you are an artist, that’s cool, too! Wellness Through Expressive Arts is about allowing yourself the freedom to express, explore, and expand beyond your natural comfort zone in a safe place.  

what do you pay and what do you get?

Techniques used may include drawing, painting, coloring, sculpting, collage, poetry, and mixed media.  Sessions will be delivered via Zoom Room so you can interact if you choose.

5 payments

tWO sessions A MONTH

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All the perks from the monthly PAYMENT PLAN, plus, WHEN YOU PAY IN FULL you’ll get….

An EXCLUSIVE Facebook group for all the Joy Seekers, where you can share your creations, your frustrations, and your hallelujah moments!




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Premium art supplies including paint, brushes, chalk pastels, clay, paper, and more to put in your tote bag and stay organized!  Valued at over $250!

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Carry your art supplies, your coloring books, journal, or anything you want!

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Create order amidst chaos - Deepen self-awareness, increase self-empowerment, help discover your unique strengths and ultimately create a positive change.  

Reach self-actualization
– Fulfill talents and potential by reflecting on the body/mind/spiritual well-being, increasing insight to your inner emotions, memories, and experiences.  

Improve mindfulness -
reduce anxiety much like meditation and tap into your intuitive and creative brain.  Resolve problems.

Have support of a wellness community – Gain access to the exclusive Facebook group where you can share your frustrations, creations, your hallelujah moments, and participate in monthly contests.

So, what are you waiting for? It's TIME TO ENRICH YOUR LIFE

1.  Register.
2.  Gather your art supplies.
3.  Enter the ZOOM Room.
4.  Create your artwork.
5.  Begin your wellness journey

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I'm ready to ENRICH MY LIFE!


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Color Joy's Wellness through expressive arts is a risk-free subscription that provides you with 2 sessions each month to help you when words are inadequate.

How in the world does
Wellness Through Expressive Arts

The course grants you access to 2 sessions a month. Sign up to carve out time for yourself, become more mindful, reduce your stress, ease your anxiety, and so much more


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Check your dashboard in advance so you know what art medium and supplies you'll need for the month.


Enter the password protected ZOOM Room!

On the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, log into the Color Joy ZOOM Room.

Participate in ZOOM!  | ZOOM meetings will be the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 1:00 PM Pacific/4:00 PM Eastern.  Meetings will NOT be recorded so you're free to express yourself without fear or hesitation.

Join the Community! |  Your final step is to join the Joy Seekers community: an exclusive Facebook group for networking, support, and fun! Here, Laura Lee hosts live monthly check-ins and contests.

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No.  While Sherry is a Licensed MFT and Expressive Arts specialist in the state of California, the exercises and tools she will be teaching here differ from actual therapy in a clinical setting.  Also, the ZOOM Room we are using is not HIPAA compliant. 
Consider Wellness Through Expressive Arts as more of a wellness coaching program.

Your signature assures us that you understand that what we're providing is NOT Art Therapy and is not a replacement for individual therapy.

Yes!  You must be 18 years old to join.

Call 911 for immediate help!  You can click here for additional resources!

You only need a web browser, video cam, and mic to enter the ZOOM Room.  I'll send you a link before each session.  Click on the link and follow the prompts.

The ZOOM Room is password protected and only those with the password will have access so please don't share it with anyone.  And, the ZOOM gives the option of recording sessions, but we will not be doing so for your privacy.  Furthermore we will ask that anything that is said in the ZOOM Room stays in the ZOOM Room, unless of course we believe that you are in crisis and need intervention.

That's the magic of Wellness Through Expressive Arts!  You don't have to have an artsy-fartsy bone in your body to participate and get the therapeutic benefits of participating.

It depends on the quality and how much you want to spend. Items can be found at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Dick Blick's, Michaels, and Amazon.  We are looking at providing a tote bag with supplies for purchase to begin your journey and will let you know when that's available.

We aim for each session to be 60 minutes long, but the first session of the course will be 90 minutes to allow for orientation.

The course is five months long and begins each July and January.

The sessions aren't recorded for your privacy and protection, so you'll be unable to 'make up' a session, but each session is independent of the other, therefore you'll be able to join us for the next session without being behind.

The short answer is YES!  The long answer is that you have 30 days -  until August 13th to request your refund and you must have attended at least two of the three sessions during that time and show me the artwork you created.  I will not ask to share your interpretation of the art you create.  Email me at for refund requests.

The course is meant to be uplifting as well as healing.  Being a Christian community means that we abide by Christian tenants and will treat everyone with courtesy, respect, and love regardless of your religious affiliation.

Before venturing on this endeavor, I was a cryptologic technician in the Navy.  I got my programmer/analyst certificate from the University of West Florida, my undergraduate degree in MIS from Northwest Christian University, and studied for a Masters degree in cyber security at the University of Maryland University College.

I often hear women, talk about how stressed out, anxious, or depressed they are. I hear ya! My kidlets (I often refer to them as the “spawned ones) are all grown and on their own. Yet, I still have no motivation on some days and take medication daily. So, I get you. I really get you. So, let’s figure this out together, mmk?  

I want you to know that mental illness doesn't discriminate.   I'm a Bible based mental health coach, and yet, I still have difficulty getting out of bed some days.

I have multiple mental health diagnoses, including major depressive disorder (MDD) with dysthymia, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), PTSD due to sexual trauma, vocal cord dysfunction (VCD) with conversion disorder – I sometimes have difficulty breathing that mimics an asthma attack. 

Sometimes I feel like I’m diagnosed with alphabet soup! Did I mention, that I get you?

I recently became interested in expressive arts and wanted to bring Wellness Through Expressive Arts to you 

Let's do this!

Laura Lee here – author and your Color Joy facilitator. 

Hi there,

I"m a Christian and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in Expressive Arts Therapy. For the past 25 years I've counseled individuals, couples, families and groups to promote emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. I've provided workshops, groups and courses teaching people to use art as a part of the healing process.

I received my masters degree in Counseling Psychology from National University of San Diego, CA and received my certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy from Sky Mountain.  In addition,  I received my undergraduate degree in Communications from Point Loma Nazarene University.

I taught other therapists how to incorporate artistic expression into clinical sessions in a way that is simple and effective. After selling my thriving private practice in Escondido, California, I moved to Tennessee and began to develop my own artistic skills more deeply and now specialize in painting with acrylics.

As a wife, mother, follower of Jesus, and artist, I enjoy teaching other women to paint and make art in a way that is refreshing, expressive, and fun.

I'm excited to be part of the Color Joy team!

Hello everyone!

I'm Sherry joy collier – your expressive arts instructor

It’s time to play the Color Joy way! And, live colorfully and joyously!

Wellness Through Expressive ARTS is a monthly membership that provides you with expressive arts sessions with an expressive arts therapist. expressive arts is shown to  foster self-awareness, cultivate emotional resilience, reduce anxiety, enhance self-esteem, promote insight, enhance social skills, reduce and resolve conflicts, and manage stress and traumatic experiences.

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